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Miele in “Living Architecture”

2010 September 3
Posted by boschmielemaytag

Many of has millions of times said something like “Thank God technical progress gave us home appliances!”. Indeed, it’s impossible to imagine even one day without any domestic device. Cooking, washing, cleaning, and washing up are no longer boring chores that take much of the time. Home appliances manufacturing has developed greatly, and nowadays there is a lot of companies offering their appliances. One of such companies is called Miele ( Miele is a manufacturer of domestic appliances. Miele offers laundry appliances, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, irons, refrigerators, coffee systems, wine storages, medical equipment washers and many others. The company was founded in 1899 in Germany, and since then it has reached a quite high level of popularity. Nowadays Miele is one of the most well-known companies producing home appliances. To keep it popularity, to advertise its products and to attract new customers, Miele is taking part in a new architect project, called “Living Architecture”, held in the UK ( Miele home appliances will be presented in a row of houses designed by world famous architects. The houses will be built all over the United Kingdom, and anyone will have an opportunity to rent one of these houses. The project is aimed to show best contemporary home designs. Miele appliances, installed in the houses, will let people to know more about modern brand new devices for home. You would probably ask why they have chosen Miele for the project. Everything is easy. The thing is that Miele appliances are a perfect example of hi-tech devices, and they are an excellent match for the houses that will be built during the project. Plus, taking part in the project allows Miele to show their innovations and to introduce people company’s products in more detailed way. Modern Miele devices and stunning houses designed by famous architects are a great combination of taste and sophistication. “Living Architecture” is the project was launched to develop rental business and architecture in the UK, but not to get profit. This project aims to show the possibilities of modern architecture, home design and development of home appliances. “Living Architecture” aims to introduce everyone best modern designers and architects by providing amazing holiday rental properties. Besides taking part in social projects, Miele continues to develop its products. For example, this year the company presented a new black anthracite ergonomic panel for a dishwasher. The new invention makes kitchen look better and enhances usability for modern kitchens. At first, the innovation was introduced in Europe, where it was positively reviewed. Producers now are going to present this panel in the USA. Mile is known as one of the best manufacturers of home appliances, but the thing is that this is not the only advantage of the company. Except perfect quality of its products, Miele also aims to provide customers with modern designs and interesting interior solutions. Miele is not only domestic devices, these are perfect decorations for your home.

Choose new products from GE Appliances! Choose the best!

2010 August 24

Everything that is new is great. No matter what your first impression is! Because when something comes into our lives this means we are moving forward and not stuck in the past.

When something new is offered by technology and science, then definitely it is a positive novelty, because in one way or another it is going improve, facilitate or entertain our lives.

New products from GE Appliances “improve, facilitate and entertain”. The company does know its job in the area of kitchen appliances. At the present day, it can boast new refrigerator, cook tops, ovens, washes and what’s not!

GE Profile™ Built-In Single-Double Wall Oven. This is an oven than consists of two. It is ergonomically efficient, as takes twice less space. Single-Double enables to cook several dishes at one time at different temperatures. The quality of the prepared food is also ensured by the company’s PreciseAir™ convection system as well as by dual element bake. Among other outstanding characteristics are large inner capacity (up to 5.0 cubic feet); 8 minutes to heat; several cooking modes (e.g., for pizza, for slow cooking, delayed baking); and self-cleaning option.

GE Profile™ Refrigerators. Fridges of the category are known for their Armoire style, external water dispenser (which filters and cools water) as well as two bottom freezers. These are their most prominent features. Crisp, clean LED lighting ensures fresh foods are easy to see and easy to find. And the high-tech appearance of LCD controls adds a touch of style at first glance. Moreover, you can enjoy the ease of navigation with the hi-tech, 8 color option LCD display which is easy to use.  ClimateKeeper™ system keeps food fresh for a longer period of time. Temperatures are controlled via sensors, electronic controls, and an air tower.

GE Profile™ Dishwashers. Dishwashers are not only helpful items but as well a stylish feature of every kitchen. GE Profile dishwashers come in two different styles: modern and traditional. Both categories feature convenient control panels either on top or built-in. GE Appliances ( claims that their dishwashers are 67% more efficient due to the most advanced wash system in the market. GE Profile dishwashers use PureClean system which filters water in 5 stages, utilizing 37% more wash jets than the previous system, saving 32% energy and 43% water. And the last but not least feature of the GE Profile dishwasher, the feature immanent only to GE Appliance dishwashers: Steam Prewash. The advantage of this system before other companies’ is that it is launched at the beginning of the washing process and not at the end. This allows to immediately cleaning major dust on dishes.

Consumer Reports magazine recently ranked the best appliance brands, in three categories out of four (Ovens, Refrigerators, and Gas Cook Tops), GE Profile™ appliances were one of the five best. This is quite a positive reputation buster for the company and its appliances

Bosch – the German quality of living

2010 August 20
Posted by boschmielemaytag

Modern life requires technical innovations. Nowadays home chores are not as difficult as they were 100 years ago. Today every modern home is stuffed with various electronics and appliances: washers, dryers, washing machines, fridges and so on. A great variety of companies are offering their goods. In this article I’m going to tell you about, probably, the most popular brand – Bosch.

Robert Bosch was the one who founded the company. In 1886 he opened a small repair shop. That’s how the Bosch story began. The main mottoes of the company were “To sell only the best” and “It’s better to loose money than customer’s trust”. By the beginning of the World War I Bosch was one of the largest companies producing electronics and home appliances. Bosch Corporation was the first to start manufacturing refrigerators. The first fridge differed greatly from modern refrigerators, and weighed about 80 kilograms. Today many manufacturers say that Bosch created the best shape for the fridge, because drum shape is more energy saving than rectangular. Besides, Bosch was the first company to produce and start selling electric perforator. Bosch is the company of many innovating ideas, that’s why Bosch ( electronics is still leading among other companies’ products. By the middle of the 20th century Bosch is the leading brand among home appliances companies. But Bosch wasn’t going to stop, and in 1950 the company produced the first stove plate, washer and dish washing machine.

Nowadays Bosch is still the most popular brand producing hone appliances and electric tools. In March, 2010, the volume of Bosch sales was 38,2 billions euros. The Bosch Company is represented in 150 countries of the world, so it’s not hard to imagine how powerful the corporation is.

Bosch is developing its production everyday. Hundreds of experts are working out innovative devices and improvement systems.  Bosch engineers are leading engineers, and every year company spends about 3,5 billion euros for research and development. This year Bosch was awarded for a brand new innovation – micromechanical sensor. These sensors can be applied in many kinds of electronics, even in medical devices. Bosch engineers have progressed and made this sensor extremely small. This innovation will let to use these sensors in consumer electronics. For example, Bosch sensor allows switching cell-phone display from portrait to landscape according to the way the cell phone is held. Also these sensors protect laptop hard drives from data loss when the laptop is dropped, eve if it’s dropped on the ground. Innovative Bosch sensors can be used in mobile navigation systems, watches, training monitoring sensors in sport shoes and so on. As you see, Bosch is the company that doesn’t want to stop and continues its improvement.

When buying any Bosch item (garden appliances, electric tool, lawn mower etc.) you can be sure you have bought the highest quality device, which will serve you more than you can imagine.  Everything created under Bosch brand, was created for maximum consumers’ comfort and satisfaction.

Whirlpool vs Dacor

2010 August 18
Posted by boschmielemaytag

Looking for more options? It is so hard to choose between numerous brands. Whether it come to clothes, food, cars, appliances, each manufacturer claims to be the leader and the pioneer in the field.

Coming back to our appliance brands. In my opinion, the following two companies which we are going to review are of lower class compared to Electrolux and Miele. These are Dacor and Whirlpool, even though they are no younger competitors (Whirlpool – 1906, and Dacor – 1965).

Whirlpool as well as Dacor is an America-based company. They offer home appliances for their target audience. However, Dacor specializes in kitchen appliance only, while Whirlpool is more liberate in its inventory, offering as well laundry and appliances for the whole home.

At the present time, Whirlpool operates in 38 countries of North American, Latin America, and European, the Middle Eastern, Asian, and African markets. Dacor is not that global. The company operates locally within the United States, owning several showrooms based in San Francisco, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Chicago.

As for the financial situation, so it is as uneven as the market shares of the companies. For its 2009 fiscal year, Whirlpool filed the revenue of $17099.00 mln and that is no comparison to $177 mln by Dacor in 2008. Definitely these are approximate numbers, however, the difference and the gap is quite obvious.

Target audience of both companies is unequal as well. Since Whirlpool inventory is brighter and more diversified, customers flood there to mix and match different items and to save on “package” purchases. As I have already mentioned, besides kitchen appliance, Whirlpool also offers washers, dryers, combo washer dryers, heaters, conditioners, coolers and what not!

Dacor’s customers may look for kitchen appliances only at its showrooms, including cook tops, wall ovens, dishwasher, ventilation, refrigeration and other items of the kind.

Prices or the alike items from Whirlpool and Dacor ( vary slightly. For example if you are looking for a French door with bottom freezer refrigerator, then the minimum price from Whirlpool is $1,600 while the cheapest Dacor fridge of the kind will deprive you of more than $2000.

Some people say that it is better to buy stuff, including appliances from a specialized manufacturer, because he concentrates all his attention efforts and finances for its specific products, while companies with multiple directions are unable to produce even one item properly and professionally. Opinions differ, you know!

If you are still interested in Whirlpool ( appliances, so you may check out its new products. These include mostly laundry improved models, as well as cooking appliance and refrigeration items. The most distinctive of them is GSS26C4XXY. The company claims, it is the most efficient in term of energy consumption side-by-side fridge. It is specially proud of advanced The MicroEtch™ shelves for better spill control and the In-Door-Ice® Plus ice system.

Dacor also did not leg behind over the past few years and broadened its inventory with a number of improved ovens and a few refrigerator items. Epicure 36” Freestanding Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is said to be 20% more efficient than ever. It features two crisp drawers, as well as one meat and deli drawer. The first one is with humidity and the second – with temperature control.

Go your own way and make choices which you are comfortable with!